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At Summit Educational Group, we believe that each student learns differently. Since 1988, we have specialized in individualized, one-on-one, in-home test preparation.

We also partner with local schools and community centers to provide effective test-prep classes. Whether it's one-on-one or in a classroom, we know that our instructors are the most important part of our students' success. We seek to develop and support the best instructors in the profession.

If you are already familiar with Summit and our job opportunities, you are welcome to click through to our online application.


"Tutoring for Summit fits my life perfectly - flexible, part-time hours, great pay and a helpful online system. I guess the best part of tutoring for Summit, though, is the sense of satisfaction when a student 'gets it.' It's one thing for scores to go up, but when that light bulb finally comes on - WOW!"

-Greg S.

Summit Instructor


Working with Summit
Summit's instructors are not only test prep experts, they are also enthusiastic teachers who are committed to helping each student reach his or her potential. More than 80% of our clients choose us because of a word-of-mouth referral from friends, guidance counselors, school administrators or educational consultants, and we believe that this is a direct result of the quality of our instructors. We're committed to providing the very best service to every Summit family and we expect every instructor to exhibit this premium level of dedication and pride in service.

All of our tutors and teachers are provided with thorough training on Summit's curriculum and our approach to test preparation. They're given the tools they need to tailor each program to the individual needs of each student. Customization and consistent assessment of student progress is our way of making Summit tutoring programs successful. This approach applies to our classroom programs as well; we keep class sizes small and focus on each student's performance throughout. Our industry-leading technology means you can spend more time teaching and less time performing administrative tasks. The Summit extranet connects management, tutors/teachers, students, and parents so that you have 24-hour a day access to your client information, lesson notes, practice tests, calendar, payroll, and feedback.

We encourage our employees to teach to their strengths. Therefore, we allow you to specialize in math or verbal instruction and to express a preference for either one-on-one or classroom programs. We especially value people who are comfortable with a range of subjects and are willing to expand their tutoring capabilities. While we provide you with extensive training, we also encourage you to infuse every session with your own personality and teaching style. Together, we deliver programs that result in student achievement and impressive score results.

Most Summit tutors/teachers work on average 5 hours a week, according to their own schedules. Instructors who are able to instruct both math and verbal receive more students and hours (sometimes twice as many!) so we encourage that you try all sections if you're considering it. Still, this is a part-time position for even our busiest tutors.

Because you are meeting students in their homes, sessions tend to happen in the afternoons, evenings, or on the weekends. While in-home tutoring schedules vary from student to student, classroom programs have a fixed schedule. You are expected to travel within a 30-minute radius of your home or workplace and must have reliable transportation. We're also expanding our online tutoring programs, in which you would have the opportunity to work with students from around the world from the comfort of your home.

Outstanding performance is rewarded with increased opportunities and increased compensation. In addition, Summit will provide you with ongoing opportunities to become certified in all of our different test prep programs. We offer programs for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, SSAT/ISEE, and most academic subjects. In Massachusetts, we have particular need for tutors in the following subjects: academic sciences (all), SSAT/ISEE, SAT Subject Tests and MyTutor Plus (working with students with diagnosed learning differences). In Connecticut, we have particular need for tutors in the following subjects: math and science, ACT and SAT Subject Tests.

Becoming a Summit Tutor or Teacher
Our Massachusetts office is seeking tutors and/or classroom instructors from Eastern Massachusetts, especially the Metro-West suburbs of Boston, the North Shore, and the South Shore. Our Connecticut office is seeking tutors and/or classroom instructors from Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield and Westchester (NY) counties.

The successful candidate for a position at Summit should:

  • Demonstrate an engaging, dynamic, and positive personality

  • Have a strong academic background and excellent standardized test scores (700+)

  • Have a Bachelor's Degree from a selective college or university

  • Be committed to providing premium customer service

  • Have experience teaching, tutoring, or working with high school students

  • Possess a reliable mode of transportation

  • Be available at least 5-10 hrs/week, evenings and weekends, for at least one year from application date


An overview of the hiring and training process:

  • Submit an application, complete with resume and cover letter specifying your interest in test prep.
  • We will review all applicant files. If yours looks promising, we'll reach out to invite you to an SAT qualifying exam in order to guarantee you can score 700+ in each section you wish to tutor
  • If you pass our qualifying exam, we'll perform an in-person interview.
  • If the interview goes well, you'll be invited to our comprehensive SAT training, in which we'll share with you our expertise in test-taking skills and strategies.
  • After successful training, you'll come to our office once more to complete hiring paperwork. We'll also check that you've thoroughly annotated our materials and can communicate SAT concepts.
  • You'll be offered your first Summit student! We realize that the hiring process is intensive, but it will offer you confidence from the very first tutoring session.


An overview of job responsibilities, beyond tutoring or teaching:

  • Regular communication with students and parents
  • Regular commuinication with our office staff
  • Prepare for instructional sessions by customizing to the individual student or class
  • Enter timely lesson notes for completed tutoring and classroom sessions


How to Apply
If this opportunity interests you, the next step is to provide us with some information about your background, experience, and availability. We ask that you include a resume and thoughtful summary of your interest in this opportunity. We will contact you shortly if we feel that there is the potential for a good fit between your qualifications and our current needs. Thank you for your interest in Summit Educational Group.

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Getting to the Office
If you have been invited in for a qualifying test or will be attending a training, use the links below to get to our office.

MA Office
90 Bridge St., Suite 200
Newton, MA 02458

Enter your starting address:

CT Office
237 Elm Street
New Canaan, CT 06840

New Canaan area: 203-594-9695

Hartford area: 860-670-3459 

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